Bali Arts & Crafts

  1. Painting fine art gallery – I Made Artayasa
    Bali Fine Art Studio by I Made Artayasa Painter – Balinese Artist base in Kerta Village Payangan, Bali offer fine abstract paintings and primitive painting, the painting are for sale and open for business with affordable prices without compromising the quality
  2. Made Wianta
    Made Wianta is a multi-modal Balinese artist. His mastery of color and form on canvas is matched by his mastery of words in poetry; body movement in dance and sense of rhythm in music.
  3. Hansen Art Gallery
    HANSEN’s art is a successfull blend of Eastern and Western influences. Drawing his inspiration from Eastern symbols and Chinese calligraphy, Hansen then adds his own innovative processes to this very classical discipline.
  4. Bali Painting Collections, Ubud Painting, arts culture, Abstract Painting, Traditional Painting | Ubud Bali Arts Gallery.
    Welcome to Ubud Painting Art Gallery, where you can find variety of subjects including aboriginal art, balinese landscape, buddha art, batuan style, and many more..
  5. Uspita Bamboo
    Uspita Bamboo, specializing in wind chimes and traditional Balinese instrument called rindik, produce high quality bamboo craft. The designs are rich and colourful and available in many sizes.
  6. Made Ada
    I Made Ada (pronounced “ee” “ma day”) is a third generation master wood carver from Pakudui village near Tegallalang and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Made is best known for his exquisitely hand carved sculptures of garudas and three-dimensional panel. Made’s artistic qualities work are world renown and are displayed in presidential palaces, museums, and homes around the world.
  7. Bali Batik –
    CV. Merumas Bali, a batik manufacturer specializing in batik sarong, ikat, and garment for beachwear and mini skirt beachwear.
  8. Bali Handicraft
    Handicraft Wholesale website, the source of Bali handicraft where you are able to find various type of handicraft such as Natural leaves photo album, photo frame, address book, note book, wind chimes, Drums in Carving, Full carving, Painting, Full painting, Plain, Airbrush and Special Alphin, Abstract carving, lombok handicrafts and many others.
  9. Wrought Iron Gates, fences, railing, wrought bed, wood and iron door direct from Bali | offers the highest quality of a wrought iron gates and doors direct from ubud Bali (the well know handicraft and painting place all over the world).
  10. Catch22 Bali
    CATCH-22BALI.COM employ craftspeople to produce bags, shoes and sandals, belts, accessories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key rings etc) cushion covers, mosquito nets, mattresses, bed covers and garments and other such items to meet our own or our clients needs’, using a wide variety of traditional and present day materials and designs.
  11. Arts Bali – Bali Handicraft
    Arts Bali – Bali handicraft wholesale is a portal site which provides you many choices of high quality handicraft, Bali Furniture, Bali Statue, Bali Sarong and Bed Cover, Bali Natural Bag, Bali Silver Jewelry and many more.
  12. Mayyansen
    Welcome to, we are the best art design jewellry and unique piece in Bali. Best quality, Never Meet in other, 99% made in Silver and Pendant plated and very affordable prices.