Bali Beauty and Spas

  1. Bali Spa and Body Treatment | Bali massage, Balinese traditional treatments Bali Beauty and Spas > Beauty and Spas provide information about balinese massage, bali spa package treatment manicure pedicure & foot care for your new Feeling and health.
  2. Ubud Bodyworks Centre
    The original Bodywork centre in Bali is dedicated to spiritual healing in all aspect of its functions. Whether you are passing through as a guest for massage and beauty treatment or a staff member, this sacred space is a place to rebalance the positive energies in you and the universe.
  3. Island Spice
    The Indonesian spa experience is a sensual journey of heady scents, botanical beauty treatments, meditative sounds and fresh, inspiring surroundings. Island Spice, Indonesian Spa Treatments are produced using traditional hand blending methods, all ingredients are derived from nature.
  4. Jamu Traditional Spa
    Jamu Traditional Spa leads the opening of Spa in Bali, Java and Malaysia. Each featuring unique, traditional and therapeutic treatments for both beauty and health, and committed to using only pure and traditional techniques and ingredients.
  5. Secret Garden
    Secret Garden offers a high quality range of hair and body services, affordable and offering real value for your holiday money, with prices in Rupiah. Friendly well-trained staff dedicated to your special salon experience. Massages and traditional body treatments, facials, reflexology & foot massage, manicure & pedicure, a luxury cream bath – scalp, neck and back massage, hair styling and treatment and more await your indulgence.